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Conversion Refit Design and Consultancy

We are frequently instructed to assist with conversion and refit projects on Dutch barges. Many existing barge conversions are old and require upgrading or total re-conversion. There is still a supply of unconverted vessels ripe for conversion.

Whether it is a full conversion or a general or minor upgrade we can assist by recommending and drawing up the necessary specifications, assisting in the choice and briefing of contractors, and by overseeing the project as it proceeds.

In certain instances we can if required manage the project ourselves using our own preferred contractors and workshop facilities in England or Belgium, or work can be carried out on site.

A common brief comprises the following:

    * Upgrade diesel installations to Boat Safety Scheme ("BSS") requirements and to accommodate dual fuels (red & white diesel).
    * Upgrade DC electrical installations to BSS requirements.
    * Install modern AC installation including electronic inverter & charger.
    * Upgrade generator installations.
    * Replace gas installation to conform to BS 5482 Part 3 1999.
    * Install black water holding tank and modern marine toilet system.

We are happy to provide as much or as little assistance as you require.

Marine Surveyors/Consultants

Principal Surveyor:
Balliol Fowden FYDSA.

+44 1788 541020

+44 7831 232823

+44 1788 543517


Burleigh House,
273, Hillmorton Road,
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