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Dutch Barges

Vintage barges are a particular specialty and we work regularly in Holland, Belgium, Burgundy and the South of France. Travelling costs are minimized by using low cost airlines or by working from our Belgian base when possible. Wherever barges are we will travel. Hull surveys are by hammer, eye and ultrasonics and, unlike many Dutch and French firms, we do not rely on random sampling techniques that can completely miss the thinned areas. Hulls are assessed more analytically for areas prone to thinning and we know the art of hammer sounding to detect thinned metal: it is nothing to do with hitting the thing hard with a heavy hammer as some would profess! Barges are surveyed on a one or two day basis. In one day we can usually carry out a pretty thorough and adequate job, concentrating on the hull first and using what time remains available to inspect as many other parts of the vessel as possible. The time necessary to complete a hull inspection can vary considerably, and in some instances we may not be able to inspect all other aspects of the vessel in one day in which case any exceptions are excluded. It is not normally possible to see the vessel in the water and test the engines and steering gear. On a two day survey we can take a more detailed look at other parts of the ship and we can usually also see the ship in the water to run the engines. For more complex, large or higher value vessels the two day survey may be worth considering, but particularly if your purchase contract stipulates that only hull condition is subject to survey then the one day survey is usually enough. Reports are detailed and include reference to Boat Safety Scheme standards where applicable, and any special recommendations applicable if a channel crossing is involved. Bottom thickness plans are provided.

Marine Surveyors/Consultants

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Balliol Fowden FYDSA.

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