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Expert witness and litigation services

Where there is a dispute with respect to the quality of a boat, the quality of work carried out on a boat or the quality of professional services that you have received we can offer impartial and professional assistance to help resolve the claim.

In the first instance an inspection would be undertaken and a preliminary report prepared to assist the client in deciding whether to take further action or not. Very often the preliminary report is enough to make the other party reconsider its position.

If this does not happen then we are available to receive instruction from you or your legal representatives and the Court and can undertake the following:

    * Expert Witness report (to British Academy standards if required)
    * Joint Experts' meetings, Statement of Issues etc. as directed.
    * Attendance at Court as Expert Witness. 

Marine Surveyors/Consultants

Principal Surveyor:
Balliol Fowden FYDSA.

+44 1788 541020

+44 7831 232823

+44 1788 543517


Burleigh House,
273, Hillmorton Road,
CV22 5BH