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Insurance survey

This is a condition survey carried out to provide insurance underwriters with an opinion on the condition of a vessel. Underwriters commonly require this when a vessel is over twenty years old.

The inspection will address hull condition and the condition of areas such as fuel and gas installations, fire fighting equipment and bilge pumps. The inspection and report will not specifically address cosmetic matters or points not prejudicial to insurability unless these are of consequence to valuation, although some further comment of assistance to the owner may be included. The report will include an opinion on valuation if requested. It is important to appreciate that the report will not be written or worded in such a way as to provide purchase advice. 

Marine Surveyors/Consultants

Principal Surveyor:
Balliol Fowden FYDSA.

+44 1788 541020

+44 7831 232823

+44 1788 543517


Burleigh House,
273, Hillmorton Road,
CV22 5BH