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Pre-purchase condition survey

Pre-purchase condition surveys.

The pre-purchase condition survey is a detailed inspection, with a formal report on all accessible and significant (in our opinion) aspects of the vessel, with particular attention paid to hull condition. The survey will also cover significant aspects of the vessel's mechanical, electrical and fuel installations, and significant cosmetic qualities. The survey is intended to provide information which will assist the client in reaching a purchase decision. A detailed report is prepared including graded recommendations and suggestions for repairs and improvements.

An estimate of open market value can be provided if required.

We do not advise whether or not you should buy the vessel, since this can be an affair of the heart; we provide the facts on which you can base your decision, but we are perfectly happy to discuss these aspects informally after survey based on our own personal experiences.

We will of course discuss our findings after survey, and their ramifications, and the other part of the deal is that you have access to us in perpetuity for odd bits of advice, survey related or not. 10 minute phone calls will cost nothing. Detailed email replies will be chargeable.

A standard pre-purchase condition survey is the usual non-destructive pre-purchase survey, and is as exhaustive as most vendors will permit. The degree of exhaustiveness will of course depend upon the access available. The inspection covers all accessible parts of the vessel but does not include opening up inaccessible areas or any stripping of machinery.


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