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Valuations and viability

We can undertake Valuation of most types of vessels. A Valuation may be required for a number of purposes. Insurance companies will often require a valuation certificate before new cover can be issued, or if you wish to increase the insured value. You may require a valuation for syndicate / shared ownership purposes, or where partners are separating.

It can also be very useful in some pre-purchase scenarios if a Viability Assessment & Valuation Survey is carried out prior to signing a purchase contract and proceeding to docking and full survey. In Holland it is common practice to sign a purchase contract when the initial deposit is paid. This contract will be "subject to survey" but this clause often only applies to the condition of the hull. In the case of an unconverted commercial barge, hull condition may be the only major concern and the contract can be fair.

In the case however of a high-value fully converted vessel there may be many other areas of concern that become evident to a surveyor and which may be significant to value or viability for intended purpose, but if these points are only spotted at the survey stage (after a contract has been signed subject to hull survey only) then it may be too late to back out without loss of your deposit..

A Viability Assessment and/or Valuation Survey can be carried out (with the permission of the vendors) with the vessel afloat, and it is assumed that hull condition is sound.

The value of a vessel is its open market value in a willing vendor / willing buyer situation. The valuation will take no account of peripheral assets such as the availability of a mooring. The valuation will not necessarily reflect the amount of money expended in bringing the ship to a certain condition. It is quite simply the sale price that the surveyor feels the vessel will achieve if offered for sale and sold within a reasonable period on the open market.

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